New bushes

ceramicAs from the 1st of July Stoffels International will replace bushes with lead and terracotta pots with plants in ceramic rings.

Starting in week 27 bushes in terracotta pots and lead strips will be removed from our weekly stocklist.
Our breeders and specialists have put the following list together from which you can order weekly.

Art. no.DescriptionVEPriceArt. no.DescriptionVEPrice
10061Ammannia Gracilis5R110790Limnophila Sessiliflora5R1
10301Cabomba Aquatica5R110921Mayaca Vendelii/Fluviatilis5R1
10281Cabomba Caroliniana5R110953Myriophyllum Propinum5R1
11501Ceratophyllum Demersus5R110931Myriophyllum Scrabatum5R1
10001Combi-B (Cab., Egeria, Lysim)5R111121Rotala Indica/Rotundifolia5R1
10531Echinod. Bleheri5R110911Rotala Wallichii5R1
10632Egeria Canadensis5R111165Selaginella Wildenowii5R1
10631Egeria Densa5R111167Selaginella Erythopus Sanguine5R1
10633Egeria Najas5R111186Vallisneria Asiatica5R1
10731Hygrophila Difformis5R111241Vallisneria Gigantea Surpenta5R2
10711Hygrophila Polysperma5R111191Vallisneria Spiralis5R1
10771Lagarosiphon Major5R111211Vallisneria Torta5R1