Stoffels International; the first Dutch aquarium plant nursery (since 1957!).
Stoffels International has grown from a small nursery for aquarium plants to a supplier for: aquarium plants, pond plants, insects, fish- and reptile food, live fish food and various aquarium- and pond products.
On top of this, all of our products are of the best quality.
Water plant nursery
In our nursery we cultivate over 200 species of water plants. Our specialized employees ensure the best quality plants and a very wide product range. Aquarium plants  Pond plants 
Prey animals and insects
Weekly, we supply our customers throughout Europe with live prey animals. These animals are grown under certified conditions and are therefore of top quality. Live insects 
frozen mice
Frozen food for fish and reptiles
Our frozen foods for fish and reptiles come in a blister packing which is designed to make feeding your pet as easy and hygienic as possible. Frozen fish food  Frozen reptile food 
Live food for fish
Our product range of live fish food is very diverse and includes foods such as red and white mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, daphnia and mini shrimp. Live fish food 
Aquarium-, terrarium- and pond products
With an extensive selection of accessories for our customers we provide a complete range of aquarium-, terrarium and pond products. Aquarium accessories  Pond accessories 
By making use of both our own transport and specialized transportation companies, we are able to deliver quickly throughout Europe. Service 

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Important notice - Import ban

On 13 July 2016, the European Commission in Brussels passed a law which bans certain plant specie...

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